EGF Turkey File, 16 September — 30 September 2012

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Insights into Turkish Domestic and international Politics

16 September — 30 September 2012

by John VanPool, EGF Turkey and Black Sea Regional Analyst

Key Points:

  • Prime Minister Erdogan leads the AKP party Congress, appearing to position himself for a presidential run in 2014.
  • Syria's civil war is causing violence to flare between the PKK and Turkish security forces (TSK). The porous nature of the Syrian-Turkish border is causing further domestic tensions, as the country's population remains ambivalent about intervention.
  • The Sledgehammer coup case concludes with a conviction and the TSK in its barracks.
  • Turkey's domestic energy needs hit citizens' wallets as the government cuts subsidies and attempts to increase imports from Iraqi Kurdistan.
  • Turkey's economic success is built on risky factors according to some investors, despite its 8 percent growth.

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