EGF Turkey File, 1 August — 15 August 2013

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Insights into Turkish Domestic and International Politics

1 August — 15 August 2013

By John VanPool, EGF Turkey and Black Sea Regional Analyst

Key Points:

  • The Ergenekon case reaches its expected finish, with 19 defendants facing decades in prison. Former Armed Forces Chief of Staff, Ilker Basbug, faces life for his role in the conspiracy.
  • The timing of the case's conclusion with the recent military overthrow of Egypt's democratically elected government appears to be a message to Turkey's generals.
  • Outside of the AKP camp, critics rounded on the lack of plausibility regarding the evidence and cast of players.
  • Parliament's Constitutional Commission speeds up its work, adding protections for women, children, and homosexuals to the draft document.
  • Turkey's economy slows as foreign investment pulls back from emerging markets.
  • Yet the long term investment possibilities, specifically in the energy infrastructure sector, appear to be a solid bet.

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