EGF Turkey File, August 2011

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Insights into Turkish Domestic and International Politics

August 2011

Key Points:

  • Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan visits Mogadishu on a famine aid mission, the first visit by a non-African head of state in nearly 20 years. The trip is a huge boost to Turkey's international image.
  • Violence in the south-east of the country continues, leading to Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) cross-border raids into Iraq.
  • Following criticism from the US Secretary of State, the justice ministry contradicts the number of journalists said to be held by Turkish authorities.
  • Ankara continues to condemn the Syrian regime despite not calling for the resignation of President Bashar al- Assad. The country wins a seat at the Paris meeting of the new Libyan government following the apparent collapse of the Gaddafi regime.
  • Azerbaijan and Turkey continue to negotiate a gas transit agreement, while Turkey's reliance on foreign energy imports has reportedly increased 5 % since the AKP came to power.
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