EGF Gazprom Monitor, Issue 91, December 2018

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A Snapshot of Key Developments in the External Relations of the Russian Gas Sector

By Dr Jack Sharples, EGF Associate Researcher on the External Dimensions of Russian Gas and Research Fellow on the Natural Gas Research Programme, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Key points:

  • Gazprom on the European market:  Gazprom set to surpass 2017 sales volumes in Europe, as total sales of 200 bcm remains the company target; Gazprom sells 0.5 bcm for delivery in January 2019 via its online Electronic Sales Platform (ESP);
  • Nord Stream: European Parliament adopts non-binding resolution condemning Nord Stream 2; Pioneering Spirit pipe-laying vessel ready for deployment to Nord Stream 2 project
  • Southern Corridor:  Russian President mulls possibility of Turkish Stream gas being delivered to Italy via Greece, as construction of onshore section begins in Turkey
  • Ukraine:  Naftogaz files lawsuits in New York and Texas as it seeks evidence of Gazprom"s assets in Europe
  • Other:  Gazprom brings third and final production unit on stream at giant Bovanenkovo field
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