EGF Gazprom Monitor, Issue 39, August 2014

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A Snapshot of Key Developments in the External Relations of the Russian Gas Sector
By Jack Sharples, EGF Associate Researcher on the external dimensions of Russian gas

Key points:

  • EU antitrust investigation into Gazprom — victim of the deterioration in EU-Russia relations?
  • Nord Stream — Russian sources report imminent ruling from European Commission on OPAL pipeline
  • South Stream — Bulgaria halts work on South Stream for a second time. Or does it?; Srbijagas announces that work is proceeding as scheduled, despite last month"s warning from the EU that the project should be halted
  • Gazprom and Ukraine — Ukrainian Energy Ministry proposes "interim" agreement with Gazprom, pending results of arbitration; Naftogaz opens pipeline from Slovakia; Ukrainian parliament votes to allow leasing of gas transmission system; Naftogaz returns $10m of "unused" transit fees to Gazprom
  • Asia-Pacific region — Gazprom launches construction of "Power of Siberia" gas pipeline to China
  • Gazprom takes delivery of its fifth LNG tanker, brings fleet capacity to 800,000 m3; Gazprom gas production in 2014 expected to fall vs. 2013

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