EGF Gazprom Monitor, Issue 81, February 2018

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A Snapshot of Key Developments in the External Relations of the Russian Gas Sector

By Dr Jack Sharples, EGF Associate Researcher on the External Dimensions of Russian Gas and Lecturer in Energy Politics at the European University of St Petersburg

Key points:

  • Gazprom on the European market: Gazprom announces reorganisation of its export business; Gazprom supplies 55% of Lithuanian gas demand in 2017, up from 40% in 2016
  • Nord Stream:  Nord Stream 2 receives construction and operation permit from Germany
  • Southern Corridor:  Gazprom marks 15th anniversary of Blue Stream pipeline with announcement of 99% utilisation rate in 2017; 48% of offshore pipe-laying for Turkish Stream complete
  • Ukraine:  Final arbitration ruling on Gazprom-Naftogaz gas transit dispute; Proposed re-start of Russian gas supplies to Ukraine fails to materialise; Gazprom announces plans to terminate existing gas supply and transit contracts with Naftogaz; Dispute between Naftogaz and Ukrainian government over unbundling plans; Naftogaz publishes gas data for 2017
  • Asia:  Gazprom announces progress on Power of Siberia pipeline
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