EGF Gazprom Monitor, Issue 63, August 2016

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A Snapshot of Key Developments in the External Relations of the Russian Gas Sector

By Dr Jack Sharples, EGF Associate Researcher on the External Dimensions of Russian Gas and Lecturer in Energy Politics at the European University of St Petersburg

  • Gazprom and the EU:
    • Gazprom on the European market: Gazprom announce year-on-year increase in gas sales to Europe in H1 2016; Gazprom creates new natural gas vehicles subsidiary in Germany; Gazprom plans to sell 50% stake in Bulgarian Overgas
    • Gazprom in the Baltic region: Latvijas Gāze shareholders vote to spin-off gas transmission and storage into new company, Conexus Baltic Grid; Latvian Public Utilities Commission rejects Latvijas Gāze refusal to allow Latvenergo to access Latvia"s gas transmission, storage, and distribution system; Finland opens first LNG refuelling station as part of broader plan to expand use of LNG and CNG as transportation fuels
  • Nord Stream: Western partners pull out of proposed Nord Stream II JV following Polish anti-monopoly ruling; Gazprom and partners search for new model of cooperation on Nord Stream II
  • Southern Corridor: Turkish Stream revived?
  • Ukraine: Transit of Russian gas via Ukraine increased in August with Nord Stream undergoing scheduled maintenance, as Naftogaz complains of low pipeline pressure; EU Commissioner for Energy Union to visit Kyiv, proposes trilateral talks in Moscow in September
  • Asia: Gazprom and CNPC Gazprom and CNPC: All quiet on the Eastern Front
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