EGF Geopolitical Trends, Issue 2, Summer/Autumn 2015

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Joining the dots and making sense of the key Geopolitical developments in Europe, Eurasia and MENA

By George Vlad NICULESCU, Head of Research, European Geopolitical Forum

Key points:

1. America"s acquiescence to Russian military involvement in Syria may reflect a fundamental change in US regional strategy in the Middle East.

2. The Russian bet on Syria makes a broad-based political compromise on the governance of post-conflict Syria more necessary than ever.

3. The stalemate in implementing Minsk 2 epitomizes the Ukrainian Donbas dilemma: bring Donetsk and Luhansk back into the fold of a federal state, or keep them out, as contested territories.

4. The Iranian nuclear deal has brought both good and bad news, while Middle Eastern geopolitics is in full swing.

5. The Nord Stream 2 corporate agreement: an interesting business opportunity likely to be mired with geopolitical concerns in Central-Eastern Europe and beyond.

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