EGF Geopolitical Trends, Issue 1, Spring 2015

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Joining the dots and making sense of the key Geopolitical developments in wider Europe, Eurasia and MENA

By George Vlad NICULESCU, Head of Research, European Geopolitical Forum

Key points:

1. The likeliest scenario for Ukraine: a "frozen conflict" in the Donbass with periodical outbursts of violence and European fireman-type interventions.

2. Brussels think tank kicks off public debate on a new Western strategy against Russia, but leaves questions to be answered

3. A common economic space (CES) from Lisbon to Vladivostok: Does it make sense, or is it just a piece of information warfare?

4. Russian plans for Turkish Stream: the geopolitics of South Stream intertwined with Turkish ambitions to become a regional energy hub.

5. Towards a final agreement on the Iranian nuclear file — a genuine cornerstone for geopolitical reshuffling in the Middle-East and beyond?

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